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S-cape training



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2022-01-27 - 2022-01-27
Costo £150.00 + VAT

S-Cape is designed as a tertiary means of escape from an offshore installation.

S-Cape is a robust, simple, lightweight descent device which is used to evacuate from offshore installations when other conventional means are not possible.

The evacuation system enables platform personnel to escape by means of a personally controlled descent once the device has been attached to an appropriate position. It is easy to use and requires minimum physical effort.

S-Cape training provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to correctly use the evacuation system. A practical and theoretical examination is included in the course to assess delegates' understanding and ability.

For additional course dates, similar courses, or packages with additional materials, please go to the Survivex website.


There are no prerequisites for this training programme however this course will involve some form of physical activity so delegates should have a good general standard of fitness in order to participate.

Proceso de aplicación

Please book a course through the website of AIS Survivex ("More information").

Resultados del aprendizaje

Delegates completing an offshore S-Cape training course will be able to;

  • Conduct pre use inspections
  • Understand the limitations of the equipment
  • Don and adjust the equipment
  • Select a suitable anchor point for attaching equipment
  • Use the quick release device


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