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Ναυτιλιακά και Διοίκηση (MSc Shipping and Management )

Master (ISCED 2011 nivel 7)


Duración 3 semesters
Costo €4,100

The main objective of the Master's programme in Shipping and Management is to provide graduates with specialized knowledge in the shipping and management sectors as well as the skills needed to pursue a successful career in the maritime administration sectors or to help them continue their studies at a higher level. Apart from the specialized modules in maritime economics, maritime finance and chartering, the programme covers the areas of business administration and corporate financial management. Students will also be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through case studies in business administration. Graduates will be able to work in the emerging shipping industry (shipping companies, ship-management companies) with prospects for a career within Cyprus or even internationally.

The main objectives of the Programme are:

  • Specialized knowledge in finance, maritime economics and financial management.             
  • Ability to solve problems related to individual sectors.             
  • Ability to evaluate data and make strategic, financial, administrative and operational decisions.             
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.             

The programme addresses graduates of recognized higher education institutions, holders of degrees in Economics, Finance, Shipping, Management but also Engineering, Mathematics and Quantitative Methods as well as other related subjects.

Componentes estructurales
Socios de la industria
Componente internacional
Trabajo práctico/ de campo
Entrenamiento de idioma
Proyecto de investigación

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Manejo de proyectos
Competencias personales y comunicación
Economía marítima
Política y governaza
Gestión operativa de logística y envío