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Master (ISCED 2011 nivel 7)


Costo $1,150.00

The HAZMAT training course consists of 40 hours of in-class theories and practical training/drills pertaining to the U.S. DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations. The course satisfies the requirements for the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials by port authorities, freight forwarders, shippers, inspectors, manufacturers, shipboard and ashore personnel. Participants receive eleven (11) days sea service credit towards any deck or engine credential or endorsement.

Course Objectives: TSU will offer participants a full HAZMAT training on Regulatory and Operational issues, as well as in the following areas: 1. General Awareness: familiarization with the hazardous materials transportation regulations, enabling participants to fully comply and fit their professional duties and responsibilities into the system. 2. Transport-Specific: provides training related to carriage of materials, i.e. by sea and in the entire logistics chain. This section will be useful to Authorities, transportation professionals, logistics companies, and other professionals in charge of HAZMAT implementation. 3. Safety & Environment: offers professionals in Oil/Gas/Chemical and other industries, especially personnel handling or exposed to hazardous materials the knowledge required in safe handling and emergency response procedures. 4. Security Awareness: HAZMAT employees will learn how to recognize and protect against potential terrorist threats pertaining to hazardous material shipments. 5. Security Plan: Training in company security objectives for operations that require a written security plan, organizational structure and specific procedures.

Course Requirements : USCG, STCW-95 Endorsement This training course is in compliance with A) the STCW Convention, Regulation II/2, Sections A-II/2, BV/b, B-V/c and Chapter 5, B) the U.S. DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), C) 29 CFR Part 1910, Occupational Safety & Health Standards, Subpart H, HAZMAT. D) 33 CFR Part 155, Oil Or Hazardous Material Pollution E) 40 CFR Hazardous Wastes, and F) 49 CFR Parts 100-185.

Written Exam: A minimum passing score of 70% is required.

Certification approved by STCW/USCG: Upon training & exams completion, participants will receive a TSU Maritime Certificate of Training, valid for 5 years.

Location: TSU Campus or clients’ premises (* subject to USCG/NMC approval).

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